Saturday, June 16, 2012

Skin Care Tips For The Winter

1.  use a lot of moisturizer on your skin

2.  cold CLEAR days are the worst, because the humidity is low and it can cause cracking, flaking and eczema

3.  wear gloves: cotton inner layer with wool outer layer is best

4.  use plenty of sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection, even though it's cold out

5.  change wet socks or gloves asap

6.  excessive indoor heat dries out skin even more.......using humidifiers throughout the house is very beneficial

7.  when bathing, make the water luke warm; not too hot.  Hot water dries the skin out more

8.  use oil based moisturizers or skincare products with alpha hydroxy acids, which attract moisture to the skin

9.  use exfoliates periodically on the feet.  Glycerin containing products can also be helpful

10. use a high quality moisturizer like that from Alluring Skin. Visit for my entire line of high quality skin care products.

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