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New Alternative to Liposuction

The new VASER® System utilizes ultrasound (high frequency sound waves) rather than LASER for heating up the fat, liquefying it and causing the fat cells to die. I actually prefer the VASER® System because it generally can remove even more fat than Smart Lipo.

The patient is ready to go home a few minutes after the procedure with minimal discomfort. The incisions are so small that they generally don't even require any sutures. Most patients are back to work the next day, although heavy exercise should be avoided for 2 weeks.

The results with VASER® Lipo are very impressive and conventional liposuction no longer has any advantage over this procedure.

For decades now, the mainstay for body sculpting and contouring has been conventional liposuction for the removal of targeted areas of fat. Many patients have had very gratifying results with conventional liposuction, but the great majority of the general population has shied away from this procedure, because it is not without its drawbacks and risks. For example, over a hundred patients a year die from complications of liposuction in this country alone. Many of these tragedies are related to complications from general anesthesia, bleeding, damage to organs or major fluid shifts within the body. In addition, conventional liposuction can be very painful, create major bruising and require a long postoperative recovery, along with many restrictions of activity. Additionally the cosmetic results with conventional liposuction can be very unpredictable, leaving irregularities, dimpling of the skin, asymmetry and an unnatural appearance.

In recent years we have found a fabulous alternative to conventional liposuction. It's called the VASER® Lipo procedure.

Benefits of the VASER® Lipo procedure

The VASER® Lipo procedure is the FDA approved alternative to liposuction. The VASER® Lipo procedure is performed as an outpatient, requiring no general anesthesia, and very little discomfort. The patient is wide awake, usually talking throughout the procedure, in good spirits.

The difference between conventional liposuction and the VASER® Lipo procedure is this:

Conventional liposuction utilizes a large bore metal suction cannula in order to suction out solid fat. The problem is that the instrument is very large, traumatic and can causes bleeding under the skin in the area of the suctioned fat, as this solid fat is attached to blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. This is why the patient is asleep during the procedure.

With VASER® Lipo, a couple of tiny incisions are made, through which a very small instrument is inserted, which fills the area under the skin with a liquid which contains a local anesthetic. This numbs the area to be treated and it also causes the blood vessels to close off. Next, through the same tiny incision, a VERY FINE instrument is inserted which uses ULTRASOUND WAVES to turn the solid fat into a liquid by heating up the tissue. This heating also kills the fat cells at the same time. The next step is to again use these same tiny incisions and insert a small suction instrument into that same area and now suction out what is now liquid fat. Any fat that is not able to be suctioned out will leave the body from the small incision sites and/or be excreted by the body, since those fat cells are now dead.

I'll have to warn you, though, since you'll be awake and in good spirits during the procedure, you may have to be subjected to listening to bad jokes!


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What does Botox treat?

Botox is an increasingly popular procedure that can treat a variety of aesthetic and medical conditions, listed below. It is estimated that 20% of recipients are now men, including celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Kevin Costner.
  • Crow's feet around the eyes
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Frown lines across the forehead
  • Angry-looking eyebrows
  • Wrinkles around the nose
  • Wrinkles around the lips
  • Pebbly or dimpled chin
  • Excessive appearance of upper gums while smiling
  • Excessive downward pointing of nose tip
  • Excessive underarm sweating
  • Bruxism (teeth clenching during sleep)
How safe is Botox?

Botox is very safe and well understood by medical experts. Botox has been thoroughly tested for safety, and studies indicate that there have been no long-term complications or hazards with its use. Its effects are reversible and temporary, so even if the results are not exactly what you had hoped for, they wear off over a few months. A treatment consists of a small fraction of a vial of of Botox, and it theoretically would have to take 35 complete vials injected into one person to have lethal consequences. As a precaution, I do not treat pregnant or nursing women with Botox.

How is this procedure performed?

After talking with us, and having a thorough examination of the area, we will discuss if you would benefit from an injection of Botox, and if so, which sites would accomplish the result that you're looking for. The procedure is generally performed with the patient sitting up in a chair, and the Botox is injected very superficially under the skin using very fine needles, and it is virtually painless. Botox prevents the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles used in certain facial expressions such as smiling, frowning, looking worried, or looking surprised. If the patient desires, a topical anesthetic can be applied prior to injection. Patients should not lie down for 3-4 hours after treatment, and should not rub the area of treatment during that time period. Other than that, patients can resume normal activity immediately.

Generally, the one-time treatment and visit will yield results lasting 3-5 months. You will see results anywhere from 24 hours to 14 days after the procedure. You may be asked to return for a 2-week follow up visit at no additional charge.

About Alluring Skin

Never before has there been a line of skin care products which can even remotely compare to Alluring Skin. Cosmetic Surgeon and Anti-Aging guru, Dr. Dave David, known nationwide as “Dr. Youth”, takes great pride in keeping his patients’ skin looking young and vibrant, allowing it to defy the clock of aging. Dr. David’s product line, Alluring Skin provides the unique blend of the highest quality ingredients which are ever so gentle to your face, while producing powerful and dramatic results in your skin’s appearance, and preserving its youth. Men and women alike love the Alluring Skin products which are specially formulated to leave your skin, ageless, beautiful and sexy.

Humanitarian Causes

Humanitarian Aid In January, 2010, Dr. David responded immediately to the tragic earthquake in Haiti, delivering emergency surgical and medical care to the Haitian people.

Following the 2004 tsunami that devastated south Asia, Dr. David led a medical team into Sri Lanka, rendering medical and surgical treatment to tsunami victims. Dr. David’s group treated nearly 11,000 survivors of the tragedy.

Facial Fillers/Facial Rejuvenation Restylane

What do dermal fillers (Restylane/Juvederm/Radiesse) treat?

  • Diagonal creases extending from base of nose, downward and outward
  • Indentations around the mouth
  • Acne scars
  • Vertical lines above the upper lip
  • Improve definition of the outline of the lips and restore their contour
  • Enhancing fullness of facial features such as lips, cheeks, chin, temples, and under eye areas
  • Lines from the corners of the lips
  • Filling in scars

How safe are dermal fillers?

Restylane and Radiesse are very safe, FDA-approved, and well understood by medical experts.

How is this procedure performed?

After talking with us, and having a thorough examination of the area, we will discuss if you would benefit from an injection of dermal fillers, and if so, which sites would accomplish the result that you're looking for. The procedure is generally performed with the patient sitting up in a chair, and the dermal fillers are injected under the skin. The dermal fillers are injected just underneath creases in the skin, to raise the skin to the level of the surrounding tissues. A topical anesthetic may be applied prior to injection, and it is virtually painless. Patients should avoid strenuous exercise and exposure to sun for the first 24 hours after treatment, but otherwise patients can resume normal activitiy immediately.

Generally, the one-time treatment will yield results lasting between nine months and a year and a half. You will see results immediately after the procedure, before leaving the location where you are treated.

Weight Loss

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Women's Health Care

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Weight Loss Tip

An easy way to facilitate your weight loss is to drink Eight 8-oz. glasses of ICED WATER each day.  This will burn 250 Calories, just bringing your body up to water temperature for absorption.  Drinking lots of water in general will also decrease your appetite, fill you up and also help you to excrete body fat.

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